Ballarat Gift Sponsors

For the 2021 Ballarat Gift the inaugrual Sponsors Challenge will be run and won.  To our courageous runners; thank you for being good sports and supporting the Sponsors Challenge. Without you there would be no Sponsors Challenge and without our sponsors there would be no Ballarat Gift.  Your involvement is greatly appreciated.

 Please assemble at the VIP Marquee at or before 11.00am to collect your singlet. Each runner will jog from the VIP Marquee to the finish line and straight down the track to the start line. A group photo will then be taken before being organised into the heats.
Here are the Heat draws and handicaps (Apart from The Enforcer - first man ever to run from 5m behind scratch in a professional footrace,  handicaps are  based on World Masters Age/Gender handicaps.  

SC Heats

After great deliberation the Committee have agreed that the Final should only be 70m less handicap rather than 100m less handicap, so that should make things a bit easier for you.
There are prizes for each heat winner so good luck. The Final of will occur immediately after the heats, and immediately after the presentations, please enjoy the offerings in the VIP Marquee; you will have earned them ! 
If you don't make the final please don't despair as, yet hope remains !. All times will be recorded and if you run next year you handicap will be based on it.  
It's all a bit of fun really, though very important for our sponsor partners. They have done an amazing job supporting us at short notice after the Gift got the go-ahead in January; all our race costs are covered and we want to publicly acknowledge them and show our partnership, so the idea of the Sponsors Challenge as a small way to do this, was raised.  
Thank you once again, have fun and enjoy the day.

Please support our fantastic partners; without them there would be no Ballarat Gift. 

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